Upper Schoolers Test Design Skills With Handmade Bridges
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Upper Schoolers Test Design Skills With Handmade Bridges

While Mr. Auger grabbed another weight to place in the bucket, an Upper Schooler squealed, "I think the string is going to snap!" As the student leaned in to get a closer look, the bucket hanging by the string attached to her handmade bridge hit the floor and a crashing sound echoed across the design lab.

The experiment was a part of a design exercise in which Upper School students got to put their innovative skills to the test to create bridges that could withstand a massive amount of weight. 

"Students learned how bridges are designed to meet load, stress, and aesthetic challenges," said Upper School Design teacher Jonathan Auger. 


Using basswood, thread, and glue, students worked independently to design and build a bridge that can hold the most weight compared to the bridge's weight (engineered efficiency). 

Each student tested their bridge, evaluated their results and those of other students, and presented their findings to the class.