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Varsity Soccer Starts Season With A Victory

Lausanne's varsity girls soccer team kicked off their season at home last night with a 9-0 win against NorthPoint.

The team's first game was canceled due to the pandemic and last night faced some uncertainty because of the weather, but despite the challenges, they stayed positive and kept pushing themselves during practices, which led up to their victory.  

"We've been training since June without the certainty of ever actually getting to play a game," said Head Coach Amy Morrison. "We talked early on about the reality that this season will be unlike any other, so we needed to approach it differently as well. From early on, we focused on being grateful that we were able to be together as a family playing a sport we love."

Last night was also special for the team because all seven seniors had the opportunity to play.

"The idea that our girls from the Class of 2021 might not get a game this season was heartbreaking," said Coach Morrison. "Two of our Seniors, Jordan Timmons and Taylor Rhodes, have started for us since they were 8th graders. It's hard to imagine where this program would be without them!"

As the team prepares for the rest of the season, they plan to bring the same determination as last night while remaining appreciative of the time they have to play. 

"Looking forward, our goal is to focus on every moment we have together and continue to work on our game," said Coach Morrison.  

For their second game, our Lady Lynx will travel to St. George's September 3 to take on the Gryphons at 7 p.m.