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Vilanna Wang '20- Senior Profile

The strong sense of community Vilanna Wang '20 has experienced at Lausanne is one of her favorite things about being a Lynx. 

“It’s incredible how every student is able to find a home at Lausanne,” Vilanna said. “Throughout the years, we’ve welcomed so many new students with such diverse backgrounds, and Lausanne brings us together while embracing our differences.” 

During her time at Lausanne, Vilanna spent a lot of time participating in extracurricular activities with the community she loved. She was a member of multiple clubs including Youth in Government, Model UN, Newspaper Club and Math Club. She also led 

Vilanna is going to miss many things about her tenure at Lausanne, but mostly she will miss the cross-country team. As a freshman, she was unsure about joining the team but went for it anyway. Now, it’s like a second family to her. 

 Running with my teammates is something that welcomes me back into the school year every fall, and the season is something I’ve always looked forward to for the rest of each school year. It’ll definitely feel a little bittersweet not starting the next school year running in the summer with my team,” she said. 

Along with her extracurriculars, Vilanna always focused on her academics, which resulted in a multitude of achievements. Over the years, the senior was inducted into the National Honors Society, Cum Laude Society, National Science Honors Society, Modern Music Masters Honors Society and many others. 

As for college, Vilanna is headed for the Big Apple to attend Columbia University in the fall and plans on studying something in the social sciences and humanities fields. 

“I fell in love reading about its Core Curriculum, which revolves around a liberal arts education and meshed with so many of the things I am interested in pursuing in the future,” she said. “I am so lucky to have been given the opportunity to study at such an amazing institution. I’m unbelievably excited to live in the fast-paced, vibrant city of New York City.” 

Vilanna credits her time as a Lynx for being prepared for her exciting future. 

“I think Lausanne prioritizes learning inside the classroom as well as outside the classroom, and some of the most valuable skills I’ve learned from Lausanne have been from the experiences outside of the classroom," Vilanna said. "From bonding with my grade on class trips to experiences in the real world like my senior internship at Wells & Associates, during which I shadowed a Lausanne alumna (Esperanza King), I've learned and grown so much."

Posted by Shayne Dotson at 08:30