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Vincitore! Lausanne Wins Big At Language Fair

Bonjour. Hola. Hallo. Ciao. Namaste.

At the University of Memphis Language Fair on March 24, several Lausanne students said “hello” to awards after winning their categories at the fair.

Each year, the Department of World Languages at the University of Memphis organizes the fair, which showcases the importance of foreign language education.

More than a thousand students representing schools from across the Mid-South take part in the contest.

The Language Fair engages students in competitions challenging their linguistic, artistic, and cultural skills in Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Latin and Spanish.

The events include vocabulary quizzes, art, crafts, poetry recitation, music, song, dance and costumes. Additionally, the fair holds non-competitive performances and lessons throughout the day.

Lausanne students were responsible for many of the awards, including:


Treasures of the World Themed Poster: 
Ella Gregory & Annabella Tian ‘22 

1st, Spanish

Seth Gibson ‘22

2nd, Spanish

Jordan Pendleton ‘22

2nd, Chinese 

Music Solo: 
Skylar Harts ‘22

1st, Chinese

Zoeya Khan ‘23,

1st, Spanish

Malaika Kumar ‘23
2nd, Spanish


Music Group:
Jasmine Younes, Risha Manga, Nikhita Srinivas, Joséphine Bonnot, Malaika Kumar, Zoeya Khan ‘23

1st, Spanish

Poetry Recitation Level 1:
Jacob Rossi ‘22

1st, Spanish

Video Level 1:
Los Tesoros del Mundo
Jonny Roberts, Anooj Talati, Dany Hamze, Gabor Wollack, Alexander Gonzalez, Matthew Kulubya ‘23

2nd, Spanish

Poetry Writing Level 1:
Mary Lee ‘22

1st, Spanish

Vocab Quiz Level 1:
Ella Simpson ‘22

1st, Chinese

Matthew Kulubya ‘23
1st, Spanish 

Lotanna Oraedu ‘22
2nd, Spanish

Zoeya Khan ‘23
3rd, Spanish

Vocab Quiz Level 2
Marcu Cohn ‘22

1st, Chinese 



Music Solo:
Ambira Williams ‘20

2nd, French

Bobbie Burnham ‘20
3rd, French

Poetry Recitation Level 3:
Dalia Chemaitilly ‘21

2nd, French

Poetry Writing Level 2:
Elaina Przybyszewski ‘21 
1st, French

Video Level 4:
Lausanne a un incroyable talent!
2nd, French