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Will Carter '24 Becomes Back-To-Back Spelling Bee Champion

On Friday, eighth-grader Will Carter '24 spelled the championship word exorcist correctly in round fourteen of the annual Lausanne Spelling Bee, making him the winner for the second year in a row.

Will confidently spelled his winning word on the Elder Performing Arts Center Stage, which was met by a large round of applause by the Lower and Middle School student audience.

Abhi Battini '25  was this year's runner-up after he and Carter battled back and forth through three rounds bringing the competition to a close.

Winning two years in a row was special for the eighth-grader, who has a long history of standing out during the spelling bee. Will has participated in the spelling bee since he was in first grade, and during his first year competing, he made it to the final few and was carried out on the shoulders of middle schoolers who respected his spelling skills. 

The smile on Will's face after spelling the winning word correctly was evidence that becoming a back-to-back champion was a great way to conclude his final year of competing in the spelling bee before heading off to Upper School. 

Way to go, Will! 


Spelling Bee Participants:

Grade 1 - Symone Walker

Grade 2 - Zoravar Sandhu

Grade 3 - Haverly Moss

Grade 4 - Mahi Upadhyay

Grade 5 - Asha Lyons

Grade 6 - Sachin Lyons

Grade 7 - Abhi Battini

Grade 8 - Will Carter

Congratulations to all of our Lausanne spelling bee participants on a hard-fought competition.

Posted by Shayne Dotson at 09:26