Will Carter Wins Lausanne Spelling Bee
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Will Carter Wins Lausanne Spelling Bee


Will Carter '24 could have asked for the origin of the word. Or for the word to be used in a sentence. He did not need to. Much like the words in the 12 rounds before, he confidently began to spell the word. 


As each letter came out of his mouth, the excitement in the room built. He was about to experience another spelling bee moment. 


His first had come years ago when he was in the first grade. One of the youngest in the Spelling Bee, Will had managed to end up in the final few. He did not win that year but was carried out on the shoulders of middle schoolers who respected the speller from the lower school who had captured the hearts of everyone in the audience. 

He could have given up on the dream of chasing that spelling bee title after that. But Will stuck with it, each year working on getting better and putting in the necessary work to put himself in the position to have another chance. 


As the words "you are correct" echoed through the Elder Performing Arts Center, Will tossed his head back in relief as the students, parents and faculty erupted in cheers. 

Will walked back to his chair and sat down as tears of joy filled his eyes.

He had done it. 

As for the word demonstrable, it is defined as clearly apparent or capable of being logically proved.

What was clearly apparent on Friday was that Will Carter was an amazing speller and student and is your 2018 Lausanne Spelling Bee Champion. 

Congrats Will! Your Lausanne family is so proud of you. 

The students that participated in this year's spelling bee were:

  • Grade 1 - Liam Berry

  • Grade 2 - Haverly Moss

  • Grade 3 - Mahi Udahpyay

  • Grade 4 - Asha Lyons

  • Grade 5 - Sachin Lyons

  • Grade 6 - Maisy Reigel

  • Grade 7 - Will Carter

  • Grade 8 - Dany Hamze

Posted by Steven Russell at 10:00