Lausanne Middle and Upper Schoolers Host Winter Concert
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Lausanne Middle and Upper Schoolers Host Winter Concert

The Lausanne community filled the Elder Performing Arts Center (EPAC) Wednesday night for the annual Winter Concert, a highly anticipated performance put on by the students enrolled in the Middle and Upper School Band, Chorus and string ensembles.

When the night began, all attention shifted to the stage as the lights dimmed and Tara West, Lausanne’s Lower School Music teacher and Music Coordinator, took the stage to welcome the audience and introduce the talents of the evening.

“The students in these classes form a bond with each other that is unlike other groups," said Mrs. West. “When students make music together, they are sharing are part of themselves with each other and the audience. A student really has to love music because it takes many years and practice hours to sound good and like your own playing.”

The music-filled event featured classical and holiday music conducted by Lausanne’s Middle School and Upper School musicians along with a first-time performance from the Jazz ensemble students started at the beginning of the year. 

"For our students, the Winter Concert demonstrates how Music is an art, an experience and a skill," Upper School and Middle School Instrumental Music Director DoraThea C. Kastanas said. "It is through music we incorporate all art forms in which we are able to respond, create, perform and produce higher levels of thinking necessary to tie together the other disciplines. Through performing ensembles, students develop the skills needed to make music a meaningful part of their lives as competent audiences, musicians, and creators. It was a wonderful evening and I am so proud of all our performers." 

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