Zoe Hamblen '20- Senior Profile
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Zoe Hamblen '20- Senior Profile

As a multi-sport athlete, full IB Diploma Programme student, and member of various clubs, Zoe Hamblen '20 has enjoyed embracing the opportunities that come with being a Lynx. 

Zoe plays Varsity Volleyball and Varsity Lacrosse, and when she's not on the field or court she can be found on the sideline cheering on other Lausanne teams with her classmates. 

"I love the community at Lausanne," Zoe said.  "We always come together and support one another. You can see this through our spirit at football and basketball games. We might be smaller than other student sections, but we cheer as loud as we can and support our teams no matter what."

Adding to the senior's extracurriculars, Zoe was an active Lausanne ambassador from her freshman to senior year and is a member of numerous clubs including Newspaper, Conspiracy Theories, Spanish, and Make-A-Wish Club. 

Although Zoe has an extremely busy schedule, she credits her teachers for always being accommodating and helping her succeed. 

"I've always loved how accepting some of the teachers are with the students," Zoe shared. "They understand that we have very busy schedules with clubs, sports, and jobs after school and try their best to accommodate for that. Whenever I was overwhelmed I knew I could talk to my teachers and they would help me take some stress off my plate."

The success and community Zoe found at Lausanne is what she hopes to continue when she begins her journey at Tulane in the fall when she majors in a liberal arts subject. 

Although Zoe isn't exactly sure what her future at Tulane holds, she believes Lausanne's joyful yet challenging environment has prepared her for the challenge. 

"The IB Programme has helped me learn how to efficiently manage my time by giving us multiple research papers, essays, and presentations," Zoe said. "Ever since I was little, Lausanne has taught us the saying "work hard, play hard" and I think this is one of the most important lessons that kids can be taught during school because it reminds you to take time to enjoy the other things in your life."

Zoe Hamblen '20 with some of her Varsity Lacrosse teammates.

Posted by Shayne Dotson at 13:56