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On-Campus Classes

Knowing that a Lausanne education is best experienced through in-person relationships, we welcomed students back to campus this fall.

Safety measures are in place, put together by our task force, that address the Covid-19 pandemic unless the campus is ordered closed by local, state or the federal government.

  • Every student should bring two cleaned masks to school daily. Follow the CDC recommendations for choosing and sanitizing a face mask
  • Parents and students should be prepared to drop off and pick up students at their division-specific times.
    • Lower School dropoff: 7:30 a.m. - 8 a.m.  Pickup: 3 p.m. 
    • Middle School dropoff: 8 a.m. - 8:30 a.m. Pickup: 3:30 p.m. 
    • Upper School dropoff: 8:30 a.m. - 9 a.m.   Pickup: 3:40 p.m. 
  • Temperatures will be taken using contactless thermometers upon entering campus, and periodically throughout the day to ensure there aren't any temperature spikes in students. A sanitized, oral thermometer may be used to verify a high temperature.
  • Students will remain in small groups, and limit close contact.
  • Movement across campus will be restricted and avoided as much as possible.
  • Students will take different, specific paths to their learning spaces.
  • Students, staff and faculty will have dedicated entrances and exits will be designated to minimize congestion during class changes.
  • As much as possible, students will have their own classroom supplies. Sharing is great, but for now, we're going to discourage it during the pandemic.
  • Shared supplies like laptops and iPads will be sanitized between uses. 
  • Sanitizing stations have been installed in each classroom and include hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes for surfaces that are touched frequently.
  • Students should bring a reusable water bottle from home to use throughout the day. Water fountains have been converted to bottle refill stations.
  • All interior areas will be sanitized nightly following health department guidelines.
  • Social and Emotional Learning 
  • Assemblies, Field Trips, Pep Rallies, and large group gatherings will be put on hold for the time being.
  • Buses, locker rooms, and other places where proximity is unavoidable will be unused or closed.
Classroom best practices for fall continue to be evaluated and updated to utilize recommendations of national, state and local health officials, such as the American Association of Pediatrics and the Center for Disease Control. While these policies are for the entire school, each division has age-appropriate policies, as well.
Divisional policies for on-campus learning


Social and Emotional Needs of Students
Lausanne is making plans to facilitate an even greater level of student support for the 2020-2021 school year, increasing SEL opportunities for all grade levels. Teaching students ways to regulate their emotions and cope with the stress of living in an accelerated culture is essential to student maturation. 

Additionally, Lower School Counselor Angie Valadie, Middle School Counselor Amanda Pearson and Upper School Counselor Samantha Douglas are available if you have a question about your Lausanne student's emotional health, and continue to work with students one-on-one to help them process their emotions. Contact your division's counselor by email at any time.
We know many Lausanne families will continue to interact with each other outside of campus, but we encourage you to be mindful of safe practices regarding the virus spread so we can keep the Lausanne community healthy.
As we move ahead with planning, we know you'll have questions about specific areas. Below you'll find answers to some of the questions we've received, but if you have a concern, let us know by sharing it with us here. It will be shared with the task force, and we'll try to address it as soon as possible. 
Aftercare, Athletics and Other After School Activities

Lausanne 360° Activities

Conservatory and Enrichment activities began in phases after Labor Day. This included private music lessons, tutoring sessions, outdoor visual art and dance classes, virtual chess classes and more. Registration for these activities is now open on our website. More details and information on activities offered can be found at
Fall Athletics At Lausanne

For the fall Lower School Sports season, soccer and tennis will be offered in training sessions with no league play. Register by contacting Leslie Crais, Director of Lower School Sports at

Middle School Girls Soccer, Girls Volleyball, and Cross Country will begin August 10 with a modified season and practice plan. To register, contact Rachel Hammons, Director of Middle School Sports at

Fall Varsity Athletics are in session. For more information, please contact Assistant Athletic Director – Cayce Densford at
Food Services
Lunches will be provided to all on-campus students each school day.

Lower School students will select their entrée options with their teacher’s help each week, and will be served with a variety of fresh fruits.  Lunch will be delivered to Lower School students and eaten in their classroom.

For both Middle and Upper School, individual classes will be released to select their lunch in the Dining Hall, maintaining social distancing as they choose their lunch items. Students will choose one entrée and separately packaged sides.
  • All options, A, B or C, will be served at designated serving lines. An example of the different options would be...
    • Option A - Choice between two hot entrees (one meat and one vegetarian)
    • Option B - would be a large, premade salad
    • Option C - would be a premade sandwich or pizza option
  • Carton milk or bottled water for beverages. Drink stations will be closed at this time.
  • Additional fresh fruit and vegetable options will be available at all serving lines
  • All food items will be served in reusable, To-Go containers

Middle School students will then return to their cohort's classroom to eat their lunches, maintaining social distance throughout the process.

In Upper School, students will return to their advisory room for the remainder of the lunch. Social distancing will be maintained throughout the period.

Lunch Fee Reimbursement for Online Students
For those families who have chosen to have their child at home and learning online, they will be reimbursed for the food costs each day they are marked “present online”. This reimbursement is estimated per day to be approximately $2.34 for PK, JK and SK, $2.39 for 1st through 4th, and $2.62 for Middle and Upper School. Students that bring their lunch from home aren't eligible for this reimbursement.
School Nurse
Please welcome our new school nurse Jo Turnage to Lausanne. Ms. Turnage will be onsite each school day and responsible for implementing best practices and measures to ensure the promotion of a healthy school environment. She has 45 years of nursing experience, including 29 years dedicated to pediatrics, with 13 years at Le Bonheur and 16 years at St. Jude. Earning her RN at the University of Memphis, her most recent experience was working as the triage nurse at West Cancer Center for the Gynecologic Oncologists.

Ms. Turnage will be in our new clinic near the lobby of the lower school, where she will provide direct student care, health education and policy management. We are pleased that she will be part of the Lausanne family and will play an integral role as an advocate, liaison, and consultant on health-related issues for students, families and the school community.
Being Prepared for Different Scenarios
While we're confident we'll be able to to continue on-campus learning, we're also preparing for the possibility that the Health Department or Governor of Tennessee may order schools to close campus. As parents, students, teachers and faculty are all aware: recreating the Lausanne experience online is extremely difficult. While the difficulties of conducting Lower School classes virtually are obvious, project-based learning for students in middle school and upper school suffer from the medium.

We are determined to make the online experience better mirror the one on-campus. 


What should we do about Aftercare? How will lunch be served? What if someone is exposed to Coronavirus? Reopening campus requires us to think through lots of different questions, some of which we've addressed on our FAQ page. You can also submit your question or concern to the task force using this anonymous form
Have a question or concern not addressed above? Try our FAQ page, or submit your question or concern to the task force using this anonymous form

Opening Of School Task Force

  • Stuart McCathie, Headmaster
  • Stewart Crais, Director of Campus Operations
    Leads interaction with Medical Professionals and agencies
  • Kara Barbour, Head of Lower School
    Leads Lower School Teachers Subcommittee 
  • Kim Davis, Assistant Head of Middle School
    Leads Middle School Teachers Subcommittee 
  • Stuart Dunster, Head of Upper School
    Leads Upper School Teachers Subcommittee 
  • Rachel Hammons, Director of Lausanne 360°
    Leads subcommittee focused on after school activities 
  • Kevin Locastro, Athletic Director
    Leads subcommittee with all varsity coaching staff
  • Charlotte Albertson, Director of Community Engagement
    Leads subcommittee with the executive board of Lausanne Parent Connections
  • Troy Graham, Business Manager
  • Drew Smith, Director of Communications and Marketing
  • Dr. Neil Hayes, Division Chief, Medical Oncology UTHSC and Director, UTHSC Center for Cancer Research
  • Dr. Hiren Pokharna, Physician, Midsouth Infectious Disease Associates
  • Submit a question to the task force