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Optional Online Classes

Understanding that some parents may not feel comfortable with their child returning to campus in August for in-person learning, we're offering an optional distance learning plan for students to continue learning from home.

While each division and teacher are given some latitude to develop their own plans for each class, like in the distance learning plan, they will all follow their typical school day as much as possible. This option includes cameras in classrooms that allow students to be present virtually and posting assignments for students online. 

This option is available if your child isn't able to attend in person, or your family doesn't feel comfortable with attending classes on-campus. This decision to take advantage of the distance learning option can be made at any time. Families that will be moving to distance learning are asked to notify their division office as soon as possible. 

Once your family decides to return to campus, please give your division office a week's notice. This will ensure social distancing and other procedures can be prepared for the increased number of students on campus.

  • Exposure Example: Jane, a 2nd Grade student, may have been exposed to COVID-19. Following CDC protocols, she is unable to return to campus until 14 days have passed. Jane's mother informs the Lower School Office, and Jane moves to our distance learning classes the next school day. Jane's mother estimates the day that she'll be able to return to classes on-campus. She informs the Lower School office, giving them at least a week of advanced notice. After 14 days and having two negative COVID-19 tests, Jane returns and resumes classes on campus.
  • Family Choice Example: The Doe family doesn't feel comfortable for John, a 7th Grade student, to attend on-campus classes at the beginning of the school year. They inform the Middle School Office, and John starts the year off using distance learning. After a couple of months, the Doe family decides that they are ready for John to attend classes on-campus again, and notifies the Middle School Office. John continues distance learning for five school days, then moves to on-campus learning. 

While we still approach the upcoming school year prepared to welcome all of our students to campus, this online optional plan gives families the ability to stay within their own comfort level while assuring their child's education is not interrupted. 

As of August 17, A total of 246 students out of 779 (31.57) have chosen to opt into online learning. 

  • Lower School – 98 (out of 229) 42.79%
  • Middle School – 75 (out of 202) 37.12%
  • Upper School – 73 (out of 348) 20.97%