Primary Years Programme Curriculum
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The IB Primary Years Programme (PYP) is an inquiry-based program at Lausanne for students in Pre-Kindergarten (PK) through fourth grade. It focuses on the development of the whole child as an inquirer in both the classroom and in the world outside. This helps them grow socially, emotionally and academically. We also help them explore the world outside of their experience. They become aware of other cultures and peoples, exploring their common humanity while appreciating their differences—all with the goal of creating a better, more peaceful world.

Below you'll find descriptions of the unique programs you will find within Lausanne Collegiate School’s Lower School.

Pre-Kindergarten (PK)

Lausanne provides an enjoyable, vibrant and robust academic setting for the youngest of our learners.  

Our Early Childhood curriculum engages children in hands-on learning as our teachers work to enhance the little Lynx comprehension and creativity. Small class sizes also allow teachers to individually adapt and meet students' individual needs and natural curiosities. 

Young children learn best through play. Time is allotted into each day for it and the building of gross motor skills. This is balanced with learning opportunities as our teachers make lesson plans come alive.  

Junior Kindergarten (JK)

Children in JK are enthusiastic learners. They are encouraged by teachers to ask focused questions and explore various ways of learning.  

Themes and units of inquiry build upon children's interests and learning and expand their horizons. 

Lausanne JK students continue to develop language, cognitive, motor and social-emotional skills and independence. 

Our little Lynx learn in a way that begins developing globally-minded attitudes. 

Senior Kindergarten (SK)

The SK years are full of growth and exploration and we love embarking on this exciting journey with you. 

Students are introduced to their classroom experience in a warm and nurturing environment. Utilizing the student-centered approach we are known for; children are encouraged to discover the world around them while connecting with their classmates and developing a strong sense of self. 

Utilizing the PYP, our teachers use best practices to help students become enthusiastic, caring, compassionate, internationally-minded learners and problem-solvers. 

First Grade

Students in the first grade are embarking on a critical transition period. As they leave kindergarten behind for Lower School, they begin to develop the skills and knowledge necessary to move into more in-depth thinking and questioning. 

Utilizing Lausanne's unique learning environment, students develop relationships with classmates that provide an environment where they are empowered to take risks and offer support when making mistakes. 

Second Grade

Second-grade students are becoming more active learners as they master the skills they learned in the grades before. They are beginning to build a strong foundation for their future creative and intellectual pursuits. 

Their curiosity is engaged with numerous field trips as well as a supportive and engaging learning environment. Second-grade students are learning to care about each other and members of the broader school community. 

As the PYP continues, learning is student-centered, inquiry-based and ensures that students' strengths and interests are a part of the learning experience. 

Third Grade

Students at Lausanne in third grade move into the second half of the PYP, developing greater independence. They complete research projects, work collaboratively with their peers and explore various technology platforms to communicate their understandings.  

Lynx also experience a more significant emphasis on applying what they know to strengthen their skills further. Teachers work with them to strengthen the Learner Profile traits. These include being effective communicators, caring for friends and becoming reflective, knowledgeable students. 

Fourth Grade

Wrapping up the PYP at Lausanne, the fourth-grade year is filled with in-depth research and collaborative learning. Students build on their educational foundations as they explore new ideas that strengthen their reading, writing, math and Units of Inquiry skills while consolidating their knowledge of the PYP. 

Students grow their knowledge and confidence while embarking on educational journeys. Students utilize collaboration skills while Learner Profile traits such as being reflective and thoughtful communicators come into play. The learning experiences extend beyond the classroom and include exciting trip opportunities that go along with topics covered in the classroom. 


As students begin their journey in the International Baccalaureate Programme, they are building a foundation on which their learning will be built. Each grade compliments and steps up to the grade above it. Click the tabs to learn more about the curriculum. 



Discovering Joy In Learning As part of Lausanne's International Baccalaureate curriculum, the Primary Years Programme (PYP) takes the best of teaching and learning worldwide to create classes that are challenging, exciting and perfect for the developing minds of children.

With Lausanne's personalized approach to learning, Lower School students grow to be caring, knowledgeable and independent thinkers, providing them with a foundation that they build upon in their journey through Lausanne's Middle School and IB Diploma Programmes.

The program is designed to teach our students to build connections across subject areas and develop investigations into their own ideas, encouraging students to think deeply while utilizing our transdisciplinary approach to research and education. Following an inquiry method of teaching, educators ask students open-ended questions, encouraging children to engage in discussions.

As an International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme school, we are focused on creating a joyful and challenging learning environment, encouraging individualism, providing opportunities to succeed, embracing global mindedness, forging meaningful relationships, building character through kindness, cooperation and sharing and empowering individuals to seek their own journeys. 

To learn more about the Lower School experience and education The Lausanne Way, please schedule a tour of the Lower School and conversation with the Head of Lower School, Kara Barbour, by e-mailing or calling 901.474.1030.