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Resources: Grades 1-4



BrainPop, Jr. K-3
For elementary students (K-3), age-appropriate animated, curriculum-based content.
Animated, curriculum-based content that engages students, supports educators, and bolsters achievement.
BrainPop Espanol
Spanish language version of BrainPop's animated, curriculum-based content.

Encyclopedias & Magazines

  •  Britannica Online School Ed
    Search encyclopedia articles (Britannica, Compton’s, Britannica Elementary).  Encyclopedia articles include illustrations, videos, and recommended reading and websites.
  • World Book Kids
    World Book Kids is a general reference website developed especially for young students. The site offers image-based navigation, easy‐to‐read articles, thousands of illustrations, and a wealth of engaging games, science projects, and activities.
  • World Book Early World of Learning
    Features narrated stories, "print & do" exercises, videos, interactive games, and a visual online encyclopedia to help make learning fun and engaging for preschoolers and children in the early elementary grades.   
  • Primary Search
    Designed specifically for elementary school students, this database provides full-text for popular children's magazines covering a variety of topics.
  • Kids InfoBits
    Covers a broad range of elementary school topics in one accessible resource. It features a modern, graphical interface that improves navigation understanding to offer students an introduction to database searching that is in step with their skill.