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5th Grade

Lausanne fifth grade students are entrepreneurs. Students saved their garbage for an entire day to sort and evaluate what could and could not be recycled. They were then told Lynx4rEarth received $1,000 capital to create a product from trash that would otherwise end up in garbage and landfills. From there, they began brainstorming and hit the ground running with ideas.

Students began by sorting through the trash for possible materials to use in their prototype. They reused and repurposed materials from recycling bins and the STEAM room to build their prototypes and ideated as co-workers in their business, Lynx4rEarth. "Their only requirements were that their product must be made of reused or repurposed items and must fit into a gallon size zip-lock bag," fifth-grade teacher Kelly Douglas said.

Through brainstorming and discussion, students also learned to consider questions like, is this product sellable, who is our target audience and is there already similar and competitive merchandise available?

As a result, the student entrepreneurs earned over $1,400 from the sales of "Earbuddies" and "Stretchlets". Through their English class, students learned about non-profits and researched various 501(c)3 organizations in Memphis. After presenting their findings to the grade, students voted for the best "501 in the 901" to donate profits to. There was a tie between the Memphis Humane Society and Lebonheur Children's Hospital, so each were given $700.

6th Grade

This year, Lausanne’s 6th grade will focus on Kindness in a Global Society. We are going to work with our Lausanne Community on initiatives for spreading kindness to our fellow students in all 3 phases of the school. We are also going to reach out and show kindness to those affected by tragedies by sending notes of kindness and empathy. We will break the students into committees that focus on different aspects of how to show kindness. We will have a Social Media Group, a Friendly Letters Group, a Random Acts of Kindness Group, and a Lower School Task Force.

The culmination of this project will be an off-campus service project where we show kindness and serve at the Ronald McDonald House.

Our focus will be on our daily words, actions, and treatment of one another.

7th Grade

The 7th grade focuses on the issue of food equity in Memphis. Students create and run a social enterprise with the mission of helping to promote food equity in the city. The project incorporates the ideas of food equity, sustainability, running a business, and communication and research skills. These topics and skills are taught across the four core subjects throughout the year.

Student’s learn about food equity issues, including food deserts, food insecurity, and the impacts of poor nutrition on education and health. Students foster a relationship with representatives from various food equity organizations around the city by hosting a Food Equity Summit. The students then engage in the design thinking process to develop ideas for social enterprises. This process will help them to develop ideas for a social enterprise which will be sponsored by the non-profit organization, Real World Scholars. Last year’s process included ethnographic research in partnership with Crump Elementary, to help students understand the needs of the community they wanted to serve. In 2019, the 7th grade students donated $800 of their business profits to the Mid-South Food Bank as well as allocating the rest of their money to help the next class of seventh graders build the social enterprise.

8th Grade

For the 7th year, Lausanne 8th grade students will participate in a year-long peer-mentoring program with the goal of improving early literacy through our partnership with Promise Academy. The program starts at Lausanne where students go through training to help them understand literacy, learn strategies that improve reading and comprehension skills, and then practice being “mini-teachers” with our own lower school students. Following their training, each week a group of students along with a teacher travel to the North Memphis school to work one-on-one with a kindergarten student reading and facilitating conversations. The students build relationships with their kindergarten buddies throughout the year by hosting a holiday program where they give holiday gift boxes, perform their middle school play, and end the year with an outdoor celebration full of fun games, activities, and lots of ice cream! Through this program, our 8th grade students learn how they can actively contribute and make a difference in the Memphis community and many continue their work with Promise Academy through their high school internships and service work.