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Sports Medicine

Marty Scuggs
Athletic Trainer

Marty received a degree in Exercise Science from the University of Memphis and became a Certified Athletic Trainer and a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist in 1996. His experience with professional tennis (ATP tour) and professional football (XFL) gives Marty the expertise to take care of all athletes at a professional level. Marty also completed his Internship with the University of Memphis football program. He has worked as the Head Athletic Trainer at local high schools since 1996.

Under the partnership of Ortho South and Lausanne, Marty will be at Lausanne Collegiate School full time taking care of their student athletes.

Cody Tubbs
Assistant Athletic Trainer

Cody joined Ortho South in the fall of 2014 as a certified athletic trainer. As part of our Sports Medicine Outreach Program, he will take care of student athletes at Lausanne Collegiate School. You will find him in the athletic training clinic or on the sidelines treating student athletes at Lausanne.

Cody completed his Masters of Science in Sports Management at the University of Southern Mississippi and his Bachelor in Athletic Training from Arkansas State University. While completing his education, Cody gained great experience covering almost every sport which has prepared him well for covering all of the sports at Lausanne.


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