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Technology at Lausanne

Technology is seamlessly integrated into all academic programs here at Lausanne.

This approach to tech begins in our Lower School where in addition to our 2-1 student to computer ratio, our youngest students also benefit from academic classes that utilize technology to differentiate instruction by skill level and modalities. Our classrooms and innovation labs employ tools like interactive whiteboards, 3-D printers, and 3-D projectors to provide a dynamic educational experience for all of our lower school students and a strong foundation in design thinking and engineering. Additionally, our Middle and Upper school programs have a strong history of blending technology with academics.

Beginning in 5th grade, all students are required to purchase a laptop or tablet of their choice prior to the first day of school. Our program is unique in that we encourage hardware diversity while at the same time offering the best support possible to ensure successful and seamless integration of technology into the curriculum.

Our laptop program ensures that we can build upon the tech-infused curriculum of our lower school program by offering higher level STEAM and engineering courses in 5th through 12th grade. All tech integration at Lausanne is designed to initially introduce technology to students through a measured and safe pedagogy. As students progress through Middle School and early Upper School, we shift our focus so that we can use technology to empower our students and encourage them to be active participants within their learning process. As students finish Upper School, technology is used to prepare students for college and to foster the tendencies of lifelong learners.