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The Lausanne Way Leadership Society

You are cordially invited to become a member of the Lausanne Way Leadership Society.

The generosity of these donors signifies an important sense of commitment and community to Lausanne and its students. With your leadership support, Lausanne will continue to grow and thrive.

Please make a gift this year as an affirmation of your belief in the Lausanne Way and the impact it has on inspiring our students to test the boundaries of their intellectual curiosity and engagement, not just here in the Memphis community, but around the world. Whether as a member of the KTH Society with a gift of $1,200 or as a member of the Nelse Thompson Society with a gift of $25,000, Lausanne Way Leadership Society donors have the ability to make a huge difference in the lives of our students.


Giving Circles:

Nelse Thompson Society*
Founder’s Society*
Headmaster Society*
Blue & Gold Society*
KTH Society*
Collegiate Circle
Horizon Circle
Lynx Circle
Donor Circle
Up to $149

                                                                                                                                       *Denotes membership in the Lausanne Way Leadership Society