Trap Team
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In its second year, the Lausanne Lynx Trap Team competes in Trap Singles. In singles, the shooter stands 16 yards away from the center of the "trap house" and shoots at random targets that fly at various angles in front of him/ her. Shooters are grouped into squads, usually made up of up to five people. There are five positions that each shooter shoots from, five shots per position, totaling twenty-five shots or one round. This gives participants a different view of the target flying through the air. Each position is a constant 16 yards from the trap house, each one is spaced three feet apart forming a small arc. Squads rotate between four trap fields called a "bank." When the shooter is finished shooting at targets from those four trap houses, they have completed a round of 100 targets, 25 at each bank. The premier shooting event in singles is the ATA Clay target Championship.

Program & Alumni


  • 16 Varsity Sports On Campus
  • 2 Football State Championships Since 2016
  • 1 State Baketball Championship Since 2016
  • 2 Soccer State Championships Since 2016
Lausanne Trap


  • John Windsor, Jr. Coach
  • Lawrence Magdovitz, II Coach

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