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Trips & Travel Opportunities

At the beginning of each school year, Lausanne freshman and juniors set off for week-long class trips.

Accompanied by their faculty advisors, our freshman travel to a nearby retreat and team-building center where they spend a week renewing and making new friendships as the new underclassman of the Upper School. This is an important time for the youngest class of Upper School Lynx to learn what the next four years will entail and to get to know the people with whom they will spend it. This freshman retreat marks the beginning of an exciting process of growth and development preparing them for college and careers. It also is a reminder of their important roles as members of the Lausanne Upper School community.

The junior class goes on the always exciting and much anticipated "college visits" trip. As students at Lausanne enter their junior year, they not only begin the two-year International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme but also start discussing more frequently and focusing in on college choices. The class ventures out of the classroom for a week and enjoys exploring different college campuses with Lausanne’s college advisors and junior faculty advisors. This gives students the opportunity to consider what questions to ask when touring schools and what might be important to see at each site.

The junior college trip is a great opportunity for students to have exposure to a variety of schools, including some they might have never considered. The idea is not to sell a certain school but to help our students begin thinking about what type of school they may see themselves attending, including private, public, urban, rural, small, large, liberal arts, Ivy League or Top 20 U.S. News & World Report colleges and universities. Each year a different region and group of schools is chosen to explore.

International Travel

Lausanne opens doors to the world through varied study-abroad opportunities offered throughout the year, including summer, fall and spring break travel. Faculty plan detailed schedules that immerse students in different cultures and specific studies such as fine arts, language, humanities, ecology and history. Several programs include preparatory classes and offer class credits.

Vision: To integrate global involvement with each student’s Lausanne experience.

Mission: The Lausanne Way emphasizes seven critical ideals contributing to a comprehensive education. International travel assumes all of these attributes as standard.

Purpose: To expand a student’s understanding of living in a global society through the diversity of new experiences, relationships and cultural contrast.

For more information about Lausanne's overseas study program, contact Nancy Graham.