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2022-2023 FA Applications will open early fall


Lausanne's tuition is designed to fund high level educational and program opportunities, hire and retain talented faculty and staff, and maintain a campus that will enhance all learners' experience, ultimately preparing each individual for college and life in a global environment. We hope to give as many students as possible the chance to experience Lausanne's International Baccalaureate curriculum, global community, and collegiate campus while maintaining the small class sizes that enhance each child's experience and relationships with peers and faculty. When Lausanne's tuition can provide so much, we hope it will not hinder opportunities; therefore, each year, we work closely with applicants and returning students to provide impactful financial assistance awards that enable them to attend Lausanne. 




Brennan Elston
Director of Financial Assistance
Assistant Director of Admission

B.A., Vanderbilt University,
M.A., School of the art institute of Chicago
901-474.1016 belston@LAUSANNESCHOOL.COM

Lausanne offers a need-based financial assistance program for qualifying students in grades 1–12. Due to the limited number of Early Childhood spaces (PK2, PK3, JK, SK), we cannot offer financial assistance until students enter first grade. Applying for financial assistance at Lausanne is a simple process. Assistance is based on the financial need established through a third party called Student & School Scholastic Services (SSS). 

The deadline to be considered for first-round awards for new applicants is December 31. We ask all current and returning families submit their SSS application by November 31, if possible. Applications for admission and enrollment/re-enrollment contracts must be offered to receive a financial award. Please review our policies and procedures, as well as timelines and other helpful resources below. Feel free to call our offices for more information regarding the financial assistance process.

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2022-23 Admission Fees & Tuition Payments


Lausanne FA Policies and Procedures

Apply For Financial Assistance Here

Parent Guide To SSS

PFS Workbook

SSS Parent FAQ

How To Apply For Financial Assistance

1. Complete the admission application process. You must be extended an enrollment contract for the upcoming school year to be presented with a financial assistance award. Current families do not need to complete a second admission application unless for a new sibling.

2. Complete and submit your parent financial statement (PFS) through our third party, School & Student Services (SSS). You will need to pay the $55 application fee. This is non-refundable and collected through SSS. Please see the family guide to apply for SSS here

3. Upload your most current year's tax documents to your family portal. This includes all financially responsible parties' W2s and official tax returns. It’s best to have estimates for the new year's earnings on hand when submitting your SSS application. Please submit any updated income information to your portal during your application process so we can have a clear picture of your family’s financial situation during award deliberations. Please also have any other forms of taxes you receive. For example, if you are a business owner or self-employed, we will collect your 1099. Please note, you will be able to upload your new year's taxes to your family portal upon receipt. 

Other Expenses

What is TRP? 

The Tuition Refund Policy is financial protection for each family's tuition investments. It is required for all first-time students, all financial assistance recipients, and anyone choosing the 10-month payment plan. In the event of a student withdrawal, the TRP can allow for a 60% refund of the remaining tuition. It is highly encouraged for all families to have TRP. 

What is included in the Activity Fees?

For PK–4th Grade: Lausanne Spirit T-shirt, assignment book, books, class T-shirt, class parties, classroom materials, daytime field trips and transportation, newsletters, recorder, snacks, standardized testing, transcript, yearbook, rest-mat and chair bag, as needed in each grade. 

For 5th–12th Grades: Lausanne Spirit T-shirt, fine arts fees (Michelangelo, supplies, band shirt, music/chorus/acting/photo fees), language workbooks and online fees, novel fees, PLAN/PSAT testing fee, science lab fees, textbooks, transportation for local field trips, and yearbook. 

What is not included in the Tuition and Fees? 

Items Not Included in the Tuition and Fees for All Students: AfterCare, after-school enrichment programs, athletic uniforms/equipment/fees, school pictures, Conservatory, English as an Additional Language Program (EAL), individual class supplies, tutoring, and optional items. 

For 5th–12th Grades: Calculators, English as an Additional Language fees/tutoring, International Baccalaureate (external) testing fees, laptops, out-of-town and class trips, senior graduation fees, software/accessories, and items not specified in "Items Included" above. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Lausanne will do its best to help you during this process. Listed below are a few points that might help you better understand the way funds are distributed. Also, feel free to review the SSS PFS Parent FAQs here

  • We do not offer scholarships. 

  • We do not offer awards in the amount of full tuition. 

  • We do not offer merit scholarships of any kind. 

  • We only offer financial assistance based on need. 

  • Financial assistance is awarded for tuition only. Families are responsible for all other fees (Lunch, activity, TRP, class trips, AfterCare, laptops, external exams, etc.). 

  • The contribution amount a family lists on the SSS Application is very important. Please consider this amount carefully before submitting your application—the less assistance a family needs, the greater their opportunity for Lausanne to meet that need. 

  • Famillies are not guaranteed the amount requested on their SSS application.

  • Lausanne does not offer awards over and above the SSS recommendation.

  • There is a limited amount of financial assistance for each grade level. It is possible that funds for one grade level may have depleted, while funds for another grade level are still available. 

  • Families who apply for financial assistance but do not complete their file on time will not be considered in the first round of awards. 

  • Families receiving assistance are prohibited from speaking of any award with other families. After awards are issued, if the FA committee learns that this information has been shared with others, the award will be revoked and given to other families in need. 

  • The first awards will go to families currently receiving financial assistance. Secondly, we will review files of current families requesting assistance for the first time and lastly, we will consider financial assistance requests of newly enrolled families. 

  • Financial assistance is awarded on an annual basis. Families must reapply each academic year. Families who are awarded financial assistance should be granted aid the following year unless their financial circumstances and/or SSS recommendation changes. 

  • Changes in financial circumstances may also cause an adjustment in the award allocation. 

  • The committee reserves the right to ask for additional information as needed. All disclosures will be held in the strictest confidence. 

  • Awards will be made without regard to race, creed, nationality, or ethnic origin 

Divorced / Remarried / Separated Parents

It is the responsibility of the student's parents and guardians to pay the school tuition. Lausanne & SSS will consider the assets of both natural parents, if living, before making any award and cannot be bound by the assertion that one parent has disclaimed responsibility for educational expenses or that a court has ordered or failed to order payment by a spouse for a child's education. We hope you will work together to submit the PFS if needed. 

The PFS is intended to capture a picture of the resources available within a household. If parents are separated or divorced and both parents contribute financially to the applicant, a separate SSS application must be completed by each parent. Lausanne will also need copies of both parent's W-2s and tax return documents. If the custodial parent has remarried, we will also consider the stepparent's assets, bearing in mind the obligations of that stepparent to his or her natural children. SSS states that paying private school tuition is the child's parent/guardians' responsibility, including stepparents. There needs to be an SSS application for each household. 

For more information, please reference pages 9-10 on the SSS Parent Financial Aid FAQs. 


TSSAA 9-12th Grade Athletes

According to the Tennessee Secondary School Athletic Association (TSSAA), Lausanne cannot offer more financial assistance than the family qualified for through SSS. If a family is given more than they qualified for, then the student is not eligible to participate in varsity sports. This policy is subject to all families regardless of their grade level. Also, if a family is 60 days past due on their billing, that student is not eligible to participate in varsity sports.