Upper School Robotics
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Lynx Robotics
Team #10391

Lynx Robotics is not only about technological competition, but also about team building and making a positive impact in our society. Our team strives to inspire younger generations at our school to take an interest in STEAM studies and fields. We stay connected with our Middle School and Lower School students encouraging them to join our team when they reach high school. We have been connected with the community in the past and the present by doing various demonstrations and teaching robotics to students at local elementary schools such as Lamplighter Montessori.

Upper School robotics has major two sectors: design and programming. Mr. Auger does many hands-on exercises such as bonding, fixing of metals, aesthetic design, engineering design etc. Two other MYP classes are offered: Programming as Second Language (using Python) and System Design (Arduino). These classes are designed to give students some basic understanding of how programming can be incorporated in material design or IOT, which is a part of the robotics paradigm.  First Tech Challenge (that we take part in for competition) uses JAVA as the primary language to code the robot. Lausanne also offers IB DP Computer Science classes where JAVA is the primary language.