Upper School Scheduling
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Grade Level Considerations 

9th grade 

All 9th-grade students take: 

  • English 9 
  • American History 
  • Biology 
  • Math 9 
  • Spanish, Mandarin, or French 
  • Art or Design 

All of the classes except the Art or Design course are assigned to students. The 9th-grade schedule is designed so that students will be able to be a full DP student regardless of their class enrollments as long as the student earns good grades. 

10th grade 

All 10th-grade students take: 

  • English 10 
  • Modern World History 
  • Chemistry 
  • Math 10 
  • Spanish, Mandarin, or French 
  • Art or Design 

All of the classes except the Art or Design course are assigned to students. The 10th grade schedule is designed so that students will be able to be a full DP student regardless of their class enrollments as long as the student earns good grades. However, the 10th grade course selection may help decide which courses the student may choose in the Diploma Programme. Some DP courses have prerequisites. Students are encouraged to make sure they are looking at possible DP course selection prerequisites while choosing their sophomore classes to make sure their preferred options are available to them. 

11th grade 

All 11th-grade students take: 

  • DP English Year 1 
  • DP Math Year 1 

Rising Juniors may choose to take the full Diploma Programme or take a mixture of IB and non-IB classes. We encourage students to look carefully at all of their options and their interests and make a decision on their enrollment based on their interests. 

12th grade 

All 12th-grade students continue their DP classes. If the senior is not in the Diploma Programme, they will choose additional classes to fill their schedule. Students need to take care they are taking the classes they need to graduate.  

International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme 

To be considered for entry into the IBDP at Lausanne, students must: 

  • Demonstrate consistency in academic performance; 
  • Exhibit effective writing skills; 
  • Contribute relevant and appropriate ideas to class discussions; 
  • Rarely be absent or tardy and when absent, submit assignments in a timely manner; 
  • Submit all assignments on time; 
  • Be able to work from feedback; 
  • Be able to work independently; 
  • Demonstrate leadership skills; and 
  • Be able to cope with a heavy workload. 

In addition, they must have departmental approval for at least three HL classes and earn a 14 in the personal project as a sophomore.  

If a rising junior is signing up for the full IB Diploma Programme, they must choose three or four HL classes (no more than four) and the Theory of Knowledge class. All students considering the IB program must meet with the DP Coordinator to discuss the program. 

All DP classes are two years long, so students will be making a two-year commitment to the program. 

Full DP students will take their Theory of Knowledge and Extended Essay classes in Flex period, so they will need to sign up for 7 classes, rather than 6. 

If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Linebaugh at wlinebaugh@lausanneschool.com.

College Considerations 

All students need to be aware that beginning in 9th grade, the course selections they make and the grades they earn will be evaluated by the colleges to which students later apply. These course selections and the subsequent grades in those courses are the most important part of a student’s academic profile on their college application.  

All students should seek to challenge themselves while maintaining a balance between their academic course load and their extracurricular interests. There is no prescribed list of courses for success in the college admission process. Students should explore their interests, but not feel any need to “specialize” in one area.  

Students who aspire to attend the most highly selective colleges (schools with a less a 15% acceptance rate) will need to plan to take the most challenging course load possible, including the IB Diploma Programme and maintain the highest grades in those courses. Students who wish to study engineering and STEM fields need to make sure they are taking the highest level of math available and completing Physics at the highest level.  

College advisors will meet with all students each year before course selection to discuss options and answer any questions. If you have any questions, please contact DeKitra Durant at ddurant@lausanneschool.com.