Why A Co-Ed School?
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Why A Co-Ed School?

At Lausanne, we prepare all our students for life in a global environment. As we look at the world they’ll encounter when they begin to seek their own journeys in college and beyond, preparing them to work, interact and collaborate with a diverse mix of people is essential for their future success.

With girls and boys from 69 different countries and 48% students of color, Lausanne truly is a microcosm of the world. The diversity allows students to learn from each other, giving them better cognitive abilities and improved social skills.


of students at Lausanne
attend school with a sibling.
"There is a mountain of research in social psychology showing that segregation by race or gender feeds stereotypes, and that's not what we want." - Janet Hyde, Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison
"Moreover, these sex-segregated classes deprive students of important preparation for the real, coeducational worlds of work and family.” - ACLU - 2012

What Are The Advantages?

Teaching girls and boys how to learn and work together from an early age allow students to see beyond stereotypes and grow their respect for viewpoints different from their own.
In a child’s early, formative years, they acquire the building blocks of their education and their perceptions of the world. Under Lausanne’s expert faculty's guidance, students are given a safe environment to learn from people different from themselves. As they mature, they grow in their appreciation of other perspectives, approaches and responses. This interaction across gender divides promotes more thoughtful students prepared to engage in meaningful discussion and debate.

“In diverse environments, students are faced with new and varied perspectives and forced to think through their own or new positions more carefully, which improves their critical-thinking skills… integrated schools better prepare students to navigate the multicultural world and global economy they will face upon graduation.” 

Derek W. Black, Professor of Law, University of South Carolina School of Law

“…Students' mathematics and science achievement was unrelated to the gender composition of their school. These results call into question whether single-sex schooling has the academic advantages claimed by its proponents.”

Journal of Educational Psychology – May 2013

“Gender differences in learning aren’t the same across the board; they vary along a continuum of what is considered normal. For a sensitive boy or an assertive girl, the teaching style promoted by advocates of single-sex education could be ineffective (at best) or detrimental (at worst). For example, a sensitive boy might be intimidated by a teacher who ‘gets in his face’ and speaks loudly believing ‘that’s what boys want and need to learn.” 

- Kristin Stanberry, Schwab Learning - GreatSchools.com


Regardless of their gender, each student learns differently, and teachers at Lausanne work to ensure that the right educational approach is used for each student. Our faculty look deeper than stereotypes to ensure that each child is taught in the most effective way within their co-educational experience.





Lausanne develops the individual talents, intellects, creativity and character of girls and boys through innovative teaching strategies and passionate and engaged learning within our diverse Pre-Kindergarten-12th grade setting. Empowering students to seek their own journey is key to the Lausanne Way, and by providing an environment that mimics the world they’ll encounter, our students are prepared to succeed. Contact our Admission office to schedule a tour and see the Lausanne Way first-hand.

"We live in a mixed-gender, fast paced and competitive society. We chose to have our daughters study at Lausanne because we believe that a co-ed school structure will help them build confidence and become used to partnering competing with peers regardless of race or gender. Lausanne offers this perfect balance of skills that will prepare them for the diverse academic and work environments in our society."

Dr. Wassim & Mrs. Helene Chemaitilly
(Lausanne Parents)

"The fact that Lausanne families come from different backgrounds and places made it a good fit for use settling into a new area. As both of us had same-sex siblings growing up, we felt it was important to continue exposing our children to gender differences as they grow up. A co-ed school setting provides awareness and sensitivity over time as they go through different phases of socialization."

Mr. Mike & Mrs. Jane Lenz
(Lausanne Parents)

"I chose to attend an engineering college (Illinois Institute of Technology) that was majority male in its student body and faculty. I didn't need an adjustment phase for the social and academic challenges that came with my college experience. I knew I fit into that environment and could be as successful as anyone else in my classes."

Amanda Smith '08
(Lausanne Alumna)